The Seven Scents of Christmas

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Jake Santora, Video Editor

It’s that time of year again! Yes, Christmas is here! And it wouldn’t be complete without the traditional collection of Christmas Bath and Body Works scents. Well, I got you covered. I’ve developed an in depth ranking of all the traditional Christmas fragrances. From Raspberry Sugar to Snowy Citrus Swirl, here are my worst to best picks for all the traditional Bath and Body Works Christmas scents.

7. Merry Cherry Cheer

Merry Cherry Cheer is without a doubt the worst scent in my opinion. I personally despise all cherries and anything cherry flavored, which I understand is a very biased opinion. Nonetheless, the rancid smell emitting from the sinister bottle and the lingering presence it leaves in your nose long after puts it in last place.

6. Raspberry Sugar                                 

Even though Merry Cherry Cheer is in last place, Raspberry Sugar is the biggest disappointment. I am actually quite of fan of raspberries, but it is just way too much for me. If Bath and Body Works would’ve stuck to what the title suggests, it wouldn’t smell like the raspberries were being drowned out by everything else in this overpowering fragrance.

5. Winter Candy Apple

Although this lands in fifth place, Winter Candy Apple still shines. The hint of apple is superb when it first hits your nasal palette, but with the clashing of flavors the apple is fighting against, the scent can become overwhelming and at some points, unpleasant. Despite this, Winter Candle Apple is still a necessary addition to your holiday collection.

4. Snowy Citrus Swirl

This scent does exactly what Raspberry Sugar should have. The hint of orange is very pleasant and doesn’t try to be anything else. That being said, with the title Snowy Citrus Swirl, you’re probably expecting more than just a scent of orange, which is why most people don’t even rank it this high. Despite this, I still enjoy the smell very much and believe it deserves a spot amongst the other products.

3. Twisted Pepper Mint

Bringing us into the top three is Twisted Pepper Mint! This scent is incredibly popular throughout the Bath and Body community, and for good reason! It gives me reminiscence of the sweet, feisty smell of the candy cane aisle in a grocery store at Christmastime.  So, when you make your yearly trip to Bath and Body Works, be sure to snag this charming Christmas concoction.

2. Frosted Coconut Snowball

Nothing about this scent should work, I mean coconuts at Christmas time? However, this lovely coconut creation may have just been what the holiday collection needed. This scent is absolutely phenomenal. It creates a sense of hope in me that Christmas can evolve into something greater. Maybe that’s a little too much, but I guarantee your nose will widen when it smells this under the tree.

1. Vanilla Bean Noel

Vanilla Bean Noel, the one that has it all. This whimsical fragrance takes you to another planet with its strong vanilla kick and subtle after smell. I personally use this scent the most of all and make sure to stock up on it every year in the form of body washes, lotions, and hand soaps. Become enthralled under the grasp of this aroma and be sure to buy it before I take all!


But enough from me, let’s hear from the students of Knoch High School! The verdict is in and Vanilla Bean Noel seems to be the clear winner!








What did students have to say about their favorite scent?


“I guess snowy citrus swirl because it sounds the coolest and I never bought anything from bath and body works before” -Dade George


“APPLE SCENTS ARE THE BEST AND ALWAYS WILL BE (Winter Candy Apple)” –Amber Ludolff


“Merry Cherry Cheer because it smells so good” –Julie Kubit


“Vanilla Bean Noel because it be dope like da baby” –Brayden Schroeder


“Twisted Pepper Mint because I love the way it makes my skin fall off” –Benjamin Ellison


“Frosted Coconut Snowman” –Daelynn Wilbert


“Winter Candy Apple of course. Why? Because it just is” –Alex Jones



–Allison Bauer


“Vanilla Bean Noel because it reminds me of Vanilla Ice Cream” –Brandon McCardle


“Twisted Pepper Mint because I love the scent of Peppermint” –Elizabeth Aites


“I choose based off flavor vanilla very tasty yum yum in my tummy it smell mid like carti on go” –Aiden Trofimuk


(All photos other than the title image are courtesy of Amazon)