A Stand Up Teacher

Welcome Back Frau Cramer


Jessica McCalip, Staff Writer

Frau Cramer went from dodging flying desks, from delivering punchlines that maybe didn’t land with the audience, and from bussing tables to finally finding a job with a welcoming work environment. After doing some searching, she was able to attain a job where she gets to have creative freedom and a friendly working atmosphere. Now she doesn’t need to worry about unruly, disrespectful kids and can actually make meaningful connections with her students.

Luckily, she didn’t find passion in pursuing a career in stand up comedy or else we wouldn’t have come to know the amazing person that she is.

“I have been in two jobs that I hated. It’s such a terrible feeling and I was fortunate enough to leave those jobs and find a position I love here at Knoch,” said Frau Cramer.

After adapting back to her job at Knoch from her job in Washington D.C. Frau Cramer expressed how thrilled she was to be back.

“I was worried that I would have a hard time fitting back in,” said Frau Cramer. “I was only gone for a few months, but I worried what it would be like to transition back. After just two weeks, though, it felt like I had never left.”

The adjustment for Frau Cramer was relatively easy due to the fact that she previously taught the curriculum. She and Frau Karns, her fellow German teacher, also worked together by sharing materials so that the shift in teachers wasn’t hard on the students either.

“It was smooth sailing after that first week,” said Frau Cramer.

Frau Cramer isn’t the only one happy about her return. Her students and fellow teachers also share her joy.

“I’m just so happy,” said Frau Karns. “It’s the best thing to happen to me professionally.”

Not only does Frau Cramer teach German at school, but she also dedicates some of her freetime to the language by listening to podcasts in German, reading in German, and even learning about the linguistics of the German language.

“If you think Frau Cramer stops teaching German when she leaves school, you are extremely wrong,” said Frau Cramer’s boyfriend, Tim Boros. “She is constantly telling me about German culture, teaching me German words, and speaking to me in German.”

Although German takes up a big portion of her life, Frau Cramer still makes time for other activities that she enjoys. Some of these activities include cooking, playing board games, listening to podcasts, exercising, and even tying her love of dance into her life by becoming a choreographer and choreographing some high school musicals.

“Frau has many hidden talents including … the ability to park her car anywhere and the ability to precision clean her house and car to the point you’d be safe eating off the floor,” said Boros.

Something her friends and family know her for is her sense of humor. This sense of humor even landed her a stand-up comedy gig in the past.

“The first time was great,” said Frau Cramer. “Tons of laughs and I was invited back to be the opener a month later. The second time? Total flop. But at least I tried!”

According to Boros, if Frau Cramer was an animal she would be a cheetah. Frau Karns said she would be a shark and Emma Slusser, a student of hers, thought of her as a bunny. Frau Cramer agrees with her significant other and believes she most aligns with a cheetah.

“I am either sleeping and being lazy or doing something with incredible speed,” said Frau Cramer. “That is not to say that I’m always accurate or doing something well, but I have a strong on/off switch.”

While Frau Cramer has been lucky enough to find the right job for her, she understands the feeling, that many share, of being upset about their working situation. Having been through it herself she offers advice to anyone that deals with this problem.

“I would like to add that if anybody reading this feels like they are unhappy in their job, try to leave if you can,” said Frau Cramer. “Try to find something that brings you joy.”