what’s this class like?



Senior Shaelynn Gallagher in HBS

Lexi Sedlak, Features Editor

I am taking Human B0dy Systems (HBS) my senior year, and I have Mrs. Venesky 8th period; I have A’s each term in that class.  I took PBS last year (https://theknighttimes.net/10463/blogs/whats-this-class-like-4/), and it is the prerequisite course to sign up for HBS.  Like always, I have one main goal to get an A every term.  Here’s my take on HBS:


I studied about one or two days each week—I thought this class was pretty easy, but more difficult than PBS. I am a visual learner, and this class is very “hands-on,” so I never had a hard time understanding the lessons. So, we have a daily 42 minute class, and about twice each week, I go home and study for about 10 minutes for the occasional quizzes and tests.

My Grades

The first term, I got a 97%.  The second term, I got a 100%.  The third term, I got a 100%.  And we are in the fourth term right now, so I don’t yet know exactly what the outcome is going to be.


I had homework maybe once each week.  In class, we take notes and do activities from the PLTW website, and then we go over it over the next few days. Like PBS, our homework is just to finish whatever we didn’t finish in class.  If you manage your class time well, you won’t have much homework.  


There were not too many tests/quizzes. The tests and quizzes usually have a corresponding quizlet or Kahoot, so it’s always easy to prepare for them.  In class, we also reviewed using Quizlets and Kahoots the day before the quiz/test.  We also weren’t quizzed/tested on everything that we learned, so the workload is very manageable.

General Info

This class is super fun, and the curriculum is FULL of dissections. We dissected and looked at brains, hearts, kidneys, eyes, and joints of various animals.  If you are hoping to go into the medical field, you should definitely take this class because you learn A LOT about the human body and how it works.  I am so glad I took this class because I want to be a doctor, and this class serves as an incredible stepping stone into that pathway.  If you decide to take this class… I wish you the best of luck 🙂