What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

Ava Fields, Staff writer

Throughout my time here at this high school, I have learned more than anything I would have expected, and I’m not just talking about my classes.  There are a million different lessons to learn, and some you honestly need to live through to fully understand, but I’m here to relay what I have experienced and offer some of my own thoughts into your minds.  This is what I wish someone would have told me going into high school:


I am currently sitting on my kitchen counter typing this out at 10:50 PM due to the fact that they collected our chrome books, but that’s ok. 


Bringing me to my first point of chatting today, “it is what it is,” does not make it a valid excuse for you to justify the way you are treated, I know that these few years “go by fast,” but there are many, many times where you wish everything would just stop.  Friends may not always treat you like friends, I wish someone would have taught me to not to have my own voice sooner.  You’ll never truly learn to know yourself if you let people control your actions. Don’t be afraid to take up space, be loud, speak for yourself, and don’t ever apologize for how you feel. 


Don’t ever be afraid to walk away from people who are not good to you.  Trust me, life is way too short to be keeping a part of yourself silent.


Never let people mistake your kindness for weakness. 


Never let people mistake your silence for weakness.


People are not always going to be good to you; other people’s actions towards you are not a reflection of you, they are a reflection of themselves.  Don’t let that alter the way you treat others. They call it “taking the high road” for a reason; it’s much easier to slip into peoples immaturity than to climb past it.


Do the sport, join the club, go out of your comfort zone. Looking back, you’ll be more mad if you didn’t at least give something a try than if you tried it and didn’t like it. 


The years do go by fast, but the days can feel long, very long, I don’t know if anyone needs to hear this, but if you’re ever feeling done, sick of it all, this isn’t the end.  This place and this world can be terrible, there is absolutely no excuse for the things that happen to you sometimes, but there is an entire world ahead of you that is so excited to meet you.  You are not alone, and you are loved, even if it doesn’t feel like it now.  Keep going.  


To anybody who is trying to find the confidence to go to workout at a gym, just do it.  You’ll be thankful you did, and trust me it’s been such a good aspect to my days.  


Appreciate every sporting event you get to participate in, club meetings

 (no matter how early in the morning.) My favorite memories from high school are personally my sports, take it all in while you have it. 


Forgive yourself. Holding yourself back based on what happened to you in your past can be one of the most self damaging things.  It can break your heart, but letting go of your faults can help break you free.  


Being alone is ok, you don’t always have someone to be there for you but you have you.  You only have one body your whole life, and it’s stronger and smarter than you know, sometimes that’s all you have, and there is nothing to be ashamed of for that, I think it is powerful.  


Going off of your body, you only get one, and it is amazing, but don’t let your self image completely occupy your mind.  The funny thing about people is, the most important things about a person are the things you can’t physically see.  The most important parts of people are inside, but we are always focused on what we see on the outside. Remember that. 


Other people’s beauty and accomplishments don’t take away from yours; jealousy is the root of all insecurities. Don’t let your own mind sabotage yourself, and don’t take that out on other people.  People only let you see their highlight reel, you never see the “behind the scenes,” tearing someone down will never make you any better. 


Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.  You all already know my personal opinion on the dress code, so I don’t need to rant about its outdated ordeals, but, remember, you are not a “distraction.”  Your body should never be considered over your own learning.  You shouldn’t ever have to feel like you need to hide your body to not be objectified.  


Learning how to say no is not as easy as it seems; never wanting to let people down can be draining.  Know your limits; you have every right to say no, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  


Do your school work, this is your ticket out of here, make sure you don’t get left behind. 


Tell people you love them.  


Times can be tough, but we need the hard times to remember how good it feels to be happy again. 


Wear the outfit.  Who cares if people think it’s “too much,” they can go find less. 


Don’t let your standards fall for needs of validation.  You deserve to be treated the way you treat other people.  Don’t let them walk all over you and take advantage of your heart.  


A quote from my mother, “It’s better to be the one that smiled and waved than the one who didn’t.” 


It is now 12:27am.


This ending has been bittersweet, I would like to thank everyone who helped me become the person I am today, teachers, peers, I could go on, this experience is not exactly like high school musical, but there is so much for you to take in and take away from this place.  I wish anyone who is reading this a Goodluck on your future days and the million more smiles and good times to come.  Goodbye 🙂