Rating Schools Walking Tacos ft. Indiana


Kristen Gallagher, Staff Writer

About halfway through the football game at Indiana, I realized that I was hungry from all of the cheering I was doing for our wonderful football team because of how good they are. I noticed some friends were going to get food, so I gave $5 to my friend, sophomore Jess Farbacher, and requested she get me a walking taco. About 10 minutes later, she returned with my beautiful bag of warm doritos and some spare change.

Automatically, I recognized that it looked a little strange, but a taco’s a taco. Upon my first bite, I realized that there was hardly any lettuce and an absurd amount of meat. There were also like four chips in it, which is understandable to an extent because those bags are about 90% air; however, it genuinely looked like someone was snacking on them before they made it. I also took note of the fact that instead of regular shredder cheese, they had put nacho cheese in it, like the kind you get with chips. It also had sour cream and salsa on it, which would have been a nice touch if the rest of the taco was normal.

Overall, I’d give the taco a 4/10 at most.

Shoutout to the random band kids mom who made it for me because she definitely did not expect to be doing this when she signed her kid up to play the trombone in 4th grade.