Class First Impressions


Kristen Gallagher, Staff Writer

 Way back in February when we first made our schedules, we probably didn’t foresee ourselves to be in the position we’re in right now. Whether we got a class we didn’t plan for, or got one we really wanted, but it wasn’t quite what we imagined, we all had an expectation of what our classes were going to be; good or bad. So, now that we’ve been in our new classes for a few weeks, how do the students at Knoch High School truly feel about their schedules ?

Sophomore Avery Adams, who finds interest in internal medicine, chose to put Bio Med on her schedule in hopes of helping her learn about her future career. So far, it seems like she’s enjoying it.

“I think its fun to solve mysteries and murder cases,” says Adams. “She made a huge crime scene with a real looking body. It’s really cool. I thought that this would be a fun and engaging class that would allow me to take my mind off of other classes I don’t like as much.”  As of now, her statement remains true.

“I’m looking forward to the projects that we do, like posters.” Says Adams. “I’ve seen cool posters from previous years so I’m excited.”

I thought that this would be a fun and engaging class that would allow me to take my mind off of other classes I don’t like as much.”

— Avery Adams

By the way Adams has described Bio Med, it sounds like a pretty interesting class. It’s good to hear that students have options for classes that will assist them in their future careers. However, Sophomore Myah Smith has a slightly different reason as to why she likes her favorite class.

“My favorite class is health because I like my teacher.” States Smith. “We haven’t started learning too much yet but I like her teaching plans for this semester.” (this interview is from early in the school year. They have, in fact, started learning by now.)

 Despite not having too high of hopes for this class, Smith is giving the impression that she enjoys this course.

“I just thought it would be boring and like the stuff I already knew, but whenever she went over everything she wanted to teach this year and the mannerisms she showed, I realized I was wrong.” (smiles.)

Smith also mentions that she’s looking forward to learning about relationships, as Mrs. Knappenberger enjoys teaching them. 

Smith also adds that her favorite class she’s ever taken was Intro to Art in her freshman year.

“I like art projects and I liked the people at my table. I felt connected to my pieces and was able to express my authentic self. It’s an expressive way of therapy.” says Smith. 

It’s good to hear how much these students are enjoying certain classes, even if they didn’t think they would. Hopefully these students’ accounts on their classes will encourage some of you to take them. I’ll definitely remember these courses for when we make our schedules for next year. And who knows, maybe I’ll get a completely random class that I’ll really enjoy.