Student Athlete

Greta Dadowski


Nickname(s): Gretter Cheese

Grade: 12

Sports played/position: I played volleyball in 6th grade, did track in 8th grade, played basketball in 1st grade, and I’ve played soccer since I was 4. I play left or right wing.

Favorite teacher and why?: Mr. Pflugh because I like the way he teaches and he talks to everyone. He’s a fun teacher.

What clubs or activities are you involved in at school?: I’m in best buddies, photography club, and German club.

How do you prepare for a game?: I get hype with teammates. If one person on the team has energy, then the rest of the team has energy.  We also like to listen to music to get ready.

Any particular opponent you enjoy playing the most? Why?: Gateway because they’re physical and they’re our rival.

Athletic goals: Score more goals and beat Gateway.

Favorite movie: Top Gun and Top Gun Maverick

Favorite tv show: Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite food: Stuffed cabbage and potatoes

Favorite musical group/artist: Luke Combs

3 words that describe you: Athletic, smart, compassionate

How do you spend your time when not at practice/game?: Little kickers, hang out with Matt (her boyfriend)

Any plans for your future? College? Career?: I want to be an Elementary school teacher and play Division 3 soccer. I’m not sure where yet, but maybe in Tennessee.