Chairy Happy About the LLC


Kristen Gallagher

Whether you’re stopping by to grab a book, hanging out because your teacher is absent, getting tutored, or even just buying a coffee, we’ve all spent a good share of time in the LLC. Even the “KHS Slumped” Instagram account from last year featured many naps from students in the library. 

But what do you need for a good nap or to get into that super interesting AR book? A comfortable chair of course! And if you’re in need of one, the LLC has got you covered. 

“My favorite chairs in the LLC are the green soft chairs,” said Sophomore Allison Smith. “They’re comfy and the ones tucked in the front are secluded.”

Junior Kaci McLachlan also shares her enjoyment of the fuzzy green chairs.

“They’re comfy and easy to work in,” said McLachlan. “I can sit there with three or four of my friends, too.” 

Although these students seem to love the chairs we already have, they do have a few suggestions. McLachlan says that couches would be a nice touch to the seating arrangements in the library, but Smith is all for more of the green chairs.

“Don’t sit there because I will kick you out,” said Allison.

 I, too, am now an avid enjoyer of these chairs.

These chairs seem to be a big hit, however, Freshman Aedan Smith (who does not happen to be related to Allison Smith) has a different opinion than our other two green chair fanatics. He says he would like to see more seating options and different table placements. 

“I like the bottom right chair by the massive whiteboard,” said Aedan. Very specific choice. “It has whiteboard tables and is away from everyone that goes to the café. No one sits in my favorite seat.”

Yes king, you tell em. 

Don’t sit there because I will kick you out.”

— Allison Smith

The possessiveness of these students’ favorite chairs is entertaining. I’m ready for an LLC chair showdown. There ain’t enough room in this library for the both of us, partner.  

Maybe the next time in the library you should look out for these chairs. You might even catch one of these students sitting in them.