Do Instagram Ads Really Know Me?

November 14, 2022

The last time that I examined my Instagram ads to see whether they were trying to sell me something that I could really see myself buying or not, I was pleasantly surprised. Instagram proved that they knew some of my interests, which is a little scary that an app was able to figure out what I like, so I did it again out of interest. Let me tell you, I was not too happy this time around.

The first item is this pair of pants. I am not a fan of these pants for two reasons. One, I feel that the color is kind of ugly. It almost resembles the color of baby food or even baby puke. Definitely not the color I am looking for to complete my going out wardrobe. Two, The slits on the pants are ugly. Now don’t get me wrong here, I love a good rip in the pants when it is done right. These pants, however, are not it. The placement of the slits are uniform on both legs which is not the artistic choice I would take in designing pants, and the slits themselves don’t even look good. It looks like you took a pair of scissors, cut the pants, and then left them without doing any other distressing techniques to them. Which, in all honesty, is probably what happened to them. Also, the holes kind of defeat the purpose of the pants already because it looks like they are made out of sweatpants material. I’m not sure about you, but when I want a pair of sweatpants I don’t want to feel a cool breeze on my knees.


Second on my recommendation list from Instagram, are these Disney inspired rings. Pura Vida, step up your game. I am not even remotely interested in these Mickey/Minnie Mouse rings, and that’s not necessarily me hating on Disney, I just think that they are ugly in general, and having a 50% off sale doesn’t entice me to buy them any more. Even if they were cute, I probably still wouldn’t wear them in fear of being called a “Disney Adult” because I just don’t think I would be able to handle that. I am wondering what I liked that prompted Instagram to show me this.





Lastly, I was recommended a pregnancy test!?!? I promise I have not been pregnant or even thought I was. I am not sure how Instagram decided I would: A.) need this or B.) be happy that they suggested this to me. It honestly makes me wonder what I said or searched to make this product appear. Maybe I talked about having too strong of baby fever one day and the AI assumed I must be pregnant.



Instagram was not my friend this week and I am actually a little offended. I believe that I won this round of our little game. Maybe in two weeks Instagram will redeem itself.


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