Can You Dream of a Better Team?


Kristen Gallagher, Staff Writer

Gym; the best class of the day. You can hang out with your friends, get in some physical activity, have some really cool teachers, and experience the privilege of being on a Dream Team. I can pretty confidently say that we all know what a Dream Team is, unless you’re a freshman who has gym class in the second semester or a random person on the internet reading this for some reason.

 Despite our general knowledge of Dream Teams, let me explain them to you. At the beginning of the semester, you’re paired up with around 4 to 7 other students in the class, depending on how large your class is. Each time you score or your team wins a group activity, you get points that go towards becoming Dream Team Champions; the team with the most points in each class. The teams are chosen by randomly picking lollipops out of a bag, so they are generally pretty even because all the tryhards can’t gang up together. 

Now that we know all about Dream Teams, let’s find out what 8th period thinks of their teams.


Starting off strong, we have Dream Team one; consisting of freshmen Koen Sundie, Jada Burgard, sophomores Morgan Werner, Angelo Natili, and Kody Schubert, junior Eli Ruediger and senior Jacob Feldbauer. This group seems very confident of their skills, as they’ve won a lot of activities. 

Sundie’s favorite thing about his team is that they’re, “Overpowered bruh.”

This seems generally true. 

They even believe that they’re all set to win Dream Team champions. 

“Yes, 100%. We’re already winning right now I think,” said Werner. 

Unfortunately, Friday’s gym class revealed that their team got third place. The team was shocked to say the least.

“How is that possible?” said a very confused Werner. 

Even though Team One placed third, their confidence is unmatched, unlike Dream Team Two.


This team has freshmen Cooper Allison, Brady Linamen, Brandon Burfield, and Caeden Tupper, sophomore Elizabeth Aites and juniors Kiera Ewing and Jacob Fox.

“Nah we’re dogwater,” said Fox when asked if his team will become champions. 

However, he counteracted that statement by saying “We played very rad today. We have a very bodacious team.” 

Linamen also added that his team is “not the worst.” 

This statement was proved true when announcing the champions, as they received second place. 

Despite the confidence of Team One and optimism of Team Two, Team Three had nothing good going on for them from the start. 


Dream Team 3 has freshmen Sam Alter, Jaxon Lazor, and David Breese, sophomores Trey Osbourne, Cooper Belak, Mason Stepp, Anjulie Mitchell and junior Ava Alday. 

The only thing I could get out of Alter when asking about his team is that “they suck…yuh.”

Maybe there was a nicer way to put that, but he’s not completely wrong. (respectfully) Team Three didn’t even place, as they were last. I’m rooting for them though. These next 9 weeks are going to be the comeback of the century.


Last but not definitely not least, there’s Dream Team 4. They have freshmen Brooke Yetter, Andrew Wick, Noah Musloe, Ben Fistek, and Anthony Buzzelli, sophomore yours truly, and Senior Haydn Hughes.

“We just won Dream Team Champions,” said Yetter when asked what the best part of her team is.

Hughes was also excited about his team’s victory, but said that his favorite thing about his team is Ben.

“Do you need actual answers for this?” asked Hughes. 

Yes, I did.

Not a lot of enthusiasm from a team who won champions, but there’s nothing wrong with being humble. At least I can confirm that I was stoked about it. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about these teams, because the process was not fun for me. Trying to get a group of mostly freshmen boys together to give me good answers to questions during a gym class is nearly impossible. This assignment definitely taught me to think more in depth about what I have to do to create an article. Despite all of this, I’ll probably re-interview all of these teams at the end of the 9 weeks and see if anything has changed. I’m rooting for you, Team Three.