Art or Fart? Part 4


FART (left): Jake Santora this is unforgivable. What was supposed to be a famous art work could probably be internationally famous for being absolute fart if the public got its hands on it. I sure hope that you aren’t planning to try to get professional with your art career, because you probably couldn’t even create a piece like “Take the Money and Run“–seen beside your piece of fart–if you tried. Please never try to touch clay again. Please never pick up a paintbrush again unless it is to throw it away in defeat. This is so stinky. It is rank. It is putrid. I can’t even understand.

You can contact me with an apology letter at [email protected] Thank you. 1000% FART -1000% ART.

ART (right): Here we have a monkey. It appears his name is Bubbles maybe. Credit to Your Boy for encapsulating him in such a beautiful light. This fartless art has been displayed just inside Mr. Kamer’s room for quite a while now, enjoyed by many I’m sure. The detail of the individual strands of monkey hair shows the time, thought, and effort put into developing this monkey. I wish he would talk to me though. I wish he would just tell me what he’s feeling. His empty eyes look like he feels so much, but also so little. I just want to help. I’m sorry Bubbles. 76% ART 24% FART.



FART (left): I’m not quite sure what this is. It is clay. It has colors. And maybe freckles? That are just holes in it’s skin? I’m not sure if those are eyebrows or if they are clumps of poop. If they’re his eyebrows, and that’s his hair, then that’s one hairy nose he’s got. A man’s armpit of a nose. Hopefully, it’s all poop, making that merely a third turd. I must give some art points for the lusciously plump lips. The color is very realistic to that of a blobfish. I’m influenced to believe this piece of art is a blobfish just because of the lips. But that would make the blue pins and solid poop eyebrows very confusing. The eyes hurt me. Please do better Jacob. 70% FART 30% ART

ART (right) : This is my bowl. It is awesome because I am awesome. 100% ART 0% FART