Art Or Fart? Part 5


FART (left): This is Jordan Crites. Yet again, he brings nothing but farts to the table. You may be wondering, where is the “art” in this

picture that’s being farted on? Well, if you look closely there’s a very real-life cosmic brownie in his right hand! Trying to scavenge up art points and avoid the stink, he kept most of the brownies out of sight with his grubby hands. The ceramic project is supposed to be a 100% realistic cosmic brownie and ended up being a 30% realistic brown thing. However, when only a corner or two of the brownie is showing, I’d say it’s pretty convincing! But I can’t be fooled. I know it’s trash. 67% FARTĀ  33% ART


ART (right): LOOK AT THIS LITTLE GUY! This Tim Burton-style figure is done spectacularly and even got a compliment from Mr. Kamer himself, who is normally disappointed in students’ projects. His face is so well done, with his eyebrows snatched and his jawline fire. He looks very handsome all done up in his shiny black jacket and well-polished shoes. I wonder what he’s thinking. Probably nervous thoughts, he looks a little nervous. He’s so cute and handsome. 92% ART 8% FART