Knochs’ Christmas List

What Knoch students are asking for this Christmas.


Kristen Gallagher, Staff Writer

Every year it seems to get harder to make a Christmas list because most of us don’t want a bunch of toys anymore, but the short lists we make seem to be just as expensive. From new phones and other expensive electronics, to fancy shoes and perfumes, prices seem to keep going up. However, a few students here at Knoch have managed to come up with the most elite wishes imaginable. I hope you enjoy hearing what the one thing they want the most is, or even get some ideas for your own presents! 


All freshman Alena Tekely wants for Christmas is for her elf on the shelf to come back.


“I miss him. He needs to deliver my letter to Santa,” said Tekely. “I think he might be dead.”


She also says that the best gift she was ever given was “a life from my mother/birthgiver/mama teke.”


So wholesome. Shoutout to all the mothers out there.


If she could get anything no matter what the price is, she would ask for a Vintage Ford Bronco.


Sophomore Lauren Bowser is asking for a new iPad with a keyboard attachment.


”I want it for school because our Chromebooks are absolutely terrible and to watch movies on.”


Bowser is pretty sure that she’ll be receiving it on Christmas day. Despite being excited as she is to get it, the favorite gift she ever received was given to her a while ago. 


“The best Christmas present I have ever received is probably my phone or iPod because I wanted one so bad, so probably that.”


Like Tekely, if Bowser could get anything no matter the price, she would ask for a car. 


“I want a blue four-door jeep with black tinted windows and all black wheels.” 


 Very fancy. 


Sophomore Cody Stull gave me very little information but I’m working with it.


When asked what he wants most for Christmas, he said “clothes,” because he needs “more variety” in his clothing.


I happen to know that he wants $130 Lululemon pants which is interesting. They’re just black pants but whatever floats your boat.


Following the car theme we seem to have created, Stull would ask for a 1981 Corvette Stingray if he could have anything. 


He also said that the best present he ever received was his record player. 


Junior Gretchen Foehinger is asking for something a little different than the typical teen-ish presents we usually expect.


“I want a pony named Buttercup,” said Foehringer. “I need it to go places- gas prices, am I right?”


I’m not so sure if this gift is realistic, but Foehinger is convinced. When asked if she thinks she’s going to get it, she answers with “yeah.”


She even says that if she could get anything, she would ask for two horses. The more the merrier!


Although a pony (or two) named Buttercup is super cool, Foehringers favorite gift was given to her way back in middle school.


“The best Christmas present I ever received was an electric toothbrush and a Waterpik because I had braces and hated when food got stuck in them.”


10/10 for thoughtfulness on this one. 


From ponies to pants, there’s a great variety of things that students are asking for this year. Hopefully your list isn’t too blank after reading this, or you were at least entertained. Merry Christmas to all Knight Times enjoyers!