BLT (bring le table)

Sandwiches for all!


Kristen Gallagher, Staff Writer

Sandwiches; the food combination that can be eaten for any meal of the day. Whether it’s sausage, eggs, cheese, and bacon on an English Muffin, or a BLT, sandwiches are truly a blessing to the human race. I mean come on, it’s a mixture of all your favorite things on whatever bread you like. (And who doesn’t like bread?)

If you don’t like sandwiches, it’s literally your fault because YOU’RE THE ONE CHOOSING what you put on it. Same goes for people who don’t like Subway. That’s your recipe bro. Sure, sometimes the underpaid 17 year old who’s making your Cold Cut Combo could absolutely mess it up and put half the bottle of mayonnaise on that dang Italian bread, but other than that, it’s delicious. The Buffalo Chicken with ranch and olives is the best sandwich they offer, and I will take no criticism. While you’re in Saxonburg picking up your subway order, stop by Sprankles. Those Italian Hoagies go a little too crazy. I think it’s the dressing, but you tell me.

When I’m not out on the town, a simple cracked pepper turkey and vermont cheddar cheese sandwich made from my own kitchen always hits home. Shout out to my dad for driving to cranberry and paying like $18 for that turkey. There’s something magical in those birds. I make the best grilled cheese, by the way. You’ve never seen a better golden brown bread, a mealtier cheese, and a more wonderful rush of flavors like garlic and hot sauce. I throw in Chick Fil A sauce too because its my holy grail, and I will try it with anything. As soon as the volleyball dream dies, catch me in a culinary school.