Dantes Inferno

Dantes Inferno


Dear Knoch High School,


The 2023-24 school year has  come to an end. It’s safe to say I’m not only over school, but I’m also COOKED. I walked into my sophomore year of high school confident. Seeing friends and school sports were just around the corner, but so was the rush of stress and excessive schoolwork.

Early mornings are honestly not a big deal but get pretty irritating. Like, I’m not tryna’ wake up at like 6 in the morning to just come to a place I don’t feel like being. Doing that five days a week probably takes the most out of me.

Sports don’t take much out of me anymore, like it’s what I look forward to everyday. Waking up early takes more out of me than sports, and that’s SAYING something!

English, my favorite subject, was quite a scramble this school year. We read many books, but we got to Julius Caesar, and my world spun. Words I never heard, phrases from who knows when, and characters with the same name. I went straight downhill. The stress really started to build up. And with having so much from other classes this did not work out very well at all. But don’t get me wrong, I still love the teacher and class. I worked hard to try and get this grade back up. It worked, kinda. I was just super busy at home with school work already, that everything just started to join together on what I needed to know and finish.

Ok, so like homework. It’s just not like…. NO! This is not necessary. NEVER should this have been made. I ALREADY HAVE ABOUT 20 PROBLEMS ON MY MATH HOMEWORK! I DON’T NEED TO WRITE AN ESSAY ON TOP OF THIS ABOUT SOME FICTIONAL CHARACTER THAT I DON’T CARE ABOUT! So, may we abolish all homework from school? It makes my life 10x harder. Some days I have at most 30 minutes to myself. School time is for school work; home time is for me time, not more school time. Like honestly, I wouldn’t complain about homework if I was getting paid to go to school. Because it’s overtime for me at this point.

Classmates didn’t help with this whole thingy majiger. Like, I already know I’m dumb! You don’t have to continue to tell me. I’M WELL AWARE! People are just negative nowadays, I’m already coming to a place that I don’t want to be and now I have to deal with people hating on me. I’m just tryna have fun and get through the school day. What’s Up with people just not caring about others anymore. Like people come at me on purpose half the time because they know I’ll just take it and do nothing about it.

MATH: my least favorite subject. I went from learning about shapes in geometry to some quadratic formula thing. I already don’t have a lot of strength in this subject and am now being put in front of the most irregular thing ever created by man. I continued to put in the work, homework, tutoring, and studying, but this seemed to help very little. I am now COOKED, with a failing grade and I may not be able to take the classes I want for my junior year. 

I think that at some point, people and/or teachers need to understand that childhood is for having fun and getting to learn. But this learning aspect doesn’t need to overrule the fun part. There can be a balance. At some point not only me, but all kids need breaks and releases sometimes. I feel like school starts to get shoved down my throat and although we are being “taught” or whatever, I actually learn just about NOTHING. It just goes over my head because I have other classes and work I need to worry about already that I can’t focus on that much stuff at once. 

So I know many people were expecting some, happy year ending story. But, I just felt like telling the truth about my year. Don’t get me wrong tho, my life is still awesome and full of lots of new tasks and adventures. But my whole life goes from clouds high feelings in the summer to dropping all the way down into a deep crevice in the Grand Canyon during the school year. 




Dante Pelloni

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Dante Pelloni
HI! My Name is Dante! I am a Sophomore this year. I enjoy playing baseball and reading. I am a big fan of Penn State and Northwestern. I am excited to end my Sophomore year!

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