A Big City Girl to A Small Town Country Girl

October 12, 2017

Hey, it’s me, the girl from the 6ix! Yes, you know it. I’m from the same place as Drake and The Weeknd. Well, that’s not all true. I was born in Brooklyn, but I lived in Toronto for most of my life. Either way, you could say I was born to be a city girl. I hope that answers some of your questions. Here, let me clarify it for you again. No, I’m not an exchange student. Yes, I speak English. Oh, by the way my name is Teresa, and I’m a senior this year. And the moment you’ve been waiting for: Me and my new life here in Cabot and Knoch High School.

Like I imagined, this place is as country as it gets. At least for me it is. It may sound like I’m exaggerating everything but trust me when I tell you – it’s completely different. I’ll help you picture it: The city literally never sleeps. You walk outside and all you see is buildings, cars, TTC (streetcars, buses, subway trains), and people 24/7. Lots and lots of them. Here, the country goes to sleep early, real early. You walk outside and all you see is trees and forests and fields. And barns too. Lots and lots of them. True story: The first day of school at Knoch High School was my first time on the school bus to school. Yes – it felt weird.

School here is different from what I expected, and that’s only because I imagined it to have a really country vibe. In all seriousness, things do work differently here and must I say, I do think it’s confusing. First, Knoch High School is the first school I know that operates on both a semester and non-semester schedule. I’ve never had so many classes in one day. Second, one of the things that make me happy, the short classes. They’re only 41 minutes. You don’t understand the pain of being in an hour and 15 minute classes. That’s literally almost double the amount of time. Third, one of the things that make me sad, how early classes start here. Classes didn’t start till 9 am for me when I was in Toronto. Fourth, lunches are short here. Fifth which makes it up for the short lunches – at least for me it does – study hall. There’s also this whole new grading system I have to get used to. That means no more below a 50% fails and 80% and above A’s. There’s no GPA score system – the only grades that matter are from your grade 12 courses. Anyway, it’ll be an interesting year.

Oh, please don’t hate me for this but, just like what I thought about the school, I truly believed you’d all dress like farmers. You know, with the flannel shirts and overalls. It’s a relief to know that at least you guys follow most of the fashion trends. But, it’s incomparable to Toronto. Being the most diverse, multicultural, city in the world, of course people are diverse with their aesthetics. I’m not exaggerating, they literally go full out. Part of me really wants to see that happen here too.

Before I finish, I want to tell you two stories. And yes, they’re real. I lived by the mall Shawn Mendes filmed at. In ‘Stitches’, the music video starts off with the scene at the parking lot. The parking lot was a block from my house. Just three blocks from my house was the Jamaican restaurant Rihanna and Drake filmed ‘Work’. Well, that’s all I have for now. You know, moving and starting my new life in a whole new place is going to be a journey for me. A journey that will be filled with lots of new experiences and opportunities. A journey that will start a new community of family and friends. I’m excited and anxious about what’s going to come my way. But for now, I wish us all the best.

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  • S

    Señora BaylorOct 18, 2017 at 15:43

    Hola Teresa!
    Welcome to Knoch High School. I can’t imagine what a huge culture shock/change this move must have been for you, especially your senior year of High School! It seems that you are making the most of it though! Stay positive, and I also hope you have a great year with plenty of opportunities here.
    Sra. Baylor