Do you like… (Fall and Halloween Edition)

Teresa Kuo, Staff Writer

It’s finally fall and Halloween season! Listed below are some of the things people like and enjoy (or do not like and do not enjoy to do) during this time of year. First up is… OLIVIA VISSARI!


Name: Olivia Vissari

Grade: 9


She’s the ginger haired girl. Maybe that’s why she really likes fall and Halloween… since her hair matches the changing leaves and all that cool stuff (like pumpkins). She’s also the girl with the best pants (and outfits too). Clearly, she’s a pro when it comes to dressing for fall.



Do you likeā€¦

The changing leaves? YES NO
Raking leaves? YES NO
Jumping into piles of leaves? YES NO
The cool, crispy weather? YES NO
Sweaters? YES NO
Apple picking? YES NO
Caramel apple? YES NO
Pumpkin picking? YES NO
Pumpkin seeds? YES NO
Candy corn? YES NO
Dressing up for Halloween? YES NO
Trick or treating? YES NO
Scary stories? YES NO
Scary movies? YES NO
Haunted houses? YES NO
Corn mazes? YES NO
Jackolanterns? YES NO
Scarecrows? YES NO


Well, here’s a poll you can participate in! Let’s see if you all agree with Olivia, the girl with the best pants!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.