Do you like… (Summer Edition)


Teresa Kuo, Staff Writer

Hello there, fellow reader!

This time of the year… the sun is shining, the air is warmer, the flowers and trees are budding and even blooming, and the birds are chirping, tweeting, and singing. YES, IT’S FINALLY SUMMER TIME!

I’ve been waiting for this season… for literally forever.

Sophomore Heather Wittmer is showing off her summer fun!

the hot weather? YES

swimming? YES

kayaking? NO

canoeing? NO

camping? YES

hiking? YES

biking? YES

stargazing? YES

cloud watching? NO

carnivals? YES

riding roller coasters? YES

music festivals? YES

lemonade? YES

making lemonade? YES

ice cream? YES

making homemade ice cream? YES

popsicles? YES

making homemade popsicles? YES

freeze pops? YES

watermelon? YES

strawberries? YES

blueberries? YES

picking berries? YES

picnics? YES

barbecues? YES

corn on a cob? NO

bonfires? YES

smores? DOUBLE YES