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October 10, 2018

“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” . . . a commonly heard phrase throughout the grounds of Knoch High School. As everyone in this school knows, the large majority of the student population has jumped on the “Trump Train.” Well, as some of you know, scratch that most of you know, I am not one of them.

With mostly liberal views, I happen to be a part of what seems to be a minority at Knoch. For those that don’t know, that means that some of my views are close to the Democratic Party. So technically, I could be considered one of those “Libtard” folk that aren’t the happiest about the stuff that a certain El Presidente is doing at the moment. Hush money, the whole debacle involving the Justice Department and the Russia Investigation gets more entertaining week by week, and my personal favorite, Twitter. What a time to be alive.

My favorite people at Knoch are the ones that blindly follow El Presidente and all of his policy decisions. Tax cuts, trying to destroy the American Healthcare System, and- the one that really grinds my gears- Entitlement Reform. Then, when you bring up actual facts to debate them on an issue, they come at you with the classic insults. “Hey, it’s better than what Bernie or Hitlary would have done.”

That is the thing about talking politics in High School; there are the “Trailblazers” that have their views and aren’t afraid to to express them. Next is the “Showman” who have a strong opinion and are all “show”, but that is it. They can’t hold a conversation about their opinion, but if you are against their opinion, you won’t hear the end of it. Then there are the “Bandwagoners” who just go with the trend. If Trump tweets about the Russia Investigation, they magically become experts on it. The next day, they now know everything about taxes and how the system is terrible. Its people like that that just jump on an issue just because the media is talking about it.

I understand that people have the right to their own opinion, but if you are going to start talking politics with someone, have an idea of what is being said. Don’t be oblivious to the world around you, pay attention.

Modern day politics has sadly turned into a joke. Every day we see in the news is the negligence and ignorance that modern day politicians display. It is a shame that the majority of politicians work for corporate donations and everything that they do is for reelection. Although Knoch may not be as important as Washington D.C. or Harrisburg, we need to remember that although we may have our difference, the point of  government and politics is to help the American people. We need to put aside our differences and change the world for the better together.




Interview with my Parents about my Political Obsession

  1. What is your opinion on my political views?

Mother: Disagree with it.

Father: You have a lot to learn. Young and Uneducated.

  1. Why do you think I have the views that I have?

Mother: Young and haven’t been in the workforce.

Father: Haven’t been exposed to the real world.

  1. How often do I bring up politics in conversation?

Mother: Too often, multiple hours spent talking about them.

Father: Fairly often. Always in conversation if it’s not about sports.

  1. In your opinion do you think that my political obsession has or will have a use in my life?

Mother: Possibly, God help us. I hope not.

Father: Yes, be careful on expressing your views.

  1. What do you think that I will do in my future? Do you think it will involve politics?

Mother: Move out of Butler. Go to a big city. Yeah I think it will.

Father: Will probably be working at the state or county level.

  1. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Mother: Follow your heart but remember where you came from.

Father: I hope you use your morals and make the right decisions


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