Weird Things At Knoch Blog Intro


Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

Four years here at KHS.

Well, while we are here, we see and hear some strange things- some really strange things. From the water leak this year to the mold (plus, many other odd things), in my blog, I hope to uncover the strange and mysterious, and sometimes supernatural. Well, I actually don’t think it would be the strangest thing if someone saw a ghost; now that I think about it, but I digress. I hope to give you the answers that you have been looking for. That is the main goal for my blog. Starting with the 9:30 bell.

This next part is really really really REALLY important.

If any of you want me to go investigate anything that you find weird or not normal, I will happy go find out what the dealis.  And the most fun part. . .  I will be asking you guys theories about whatever you want me to investigate. Wish me luck with the all the weird things at Knoch.

I may not survive.