Flag of the Week #1: Liechtenstein

October 26, 2018

Country: Liechtenstein

Flag Description: Two Horizontal Lines. Top Line Blue, Bottom Line Red. Crown in top left Corner to signify the Monarchy

Year Current Flag Started to be used: 1937

History of Flag: The first flag of Liechtenstein was two horizontal lines with the top line being yellow and the bottom being red.  The flag was then changed in 1852 to two vertical lines with the left one being red and the right one being blue. In 1921 the flag was changed to two horizontal lines with the top being blue and the bottom being red. The Flag of Liechtenstein was changed again after the 1936 Olympics when it was noticed that Liechtenstein had the same flag as Haiti. A crown was added to show the the country is ruled by a Monarchy.

Facts about Country

1. According to the CIA, Liechtenstein has the highest GDP per capita at $139,100.

2.  In 1985 the Swiss fired rockets that landed in Liechtenstein and caused a forest fire. On two occasions Swiss soldiers have accidentally crossed the border and “invaded” Liechtenstein.

3. Liechtenstein is the World’s largest producer of sausage casings and false teeth.

4. In 1866 during the Austro-Prussian War Liechtenstein deployed 80 men. They came back to Liechtenstein with 81 men. An Italian soldier came back with them and lived in Liechtenstein for the rest of his life.

5. Liechtenstein is the 6th smallest country in the World.

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