Teachers Ipod Playlist #5

Teachers Ipod Playlist #5

Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

Mr. King

Mr. King as you all know was our football coach here at Knoch, but did you know that he also was going to play in the NFL? That’s right, he was going to be a pro, but something happened that ended his career. One night he was taking a long walk in the woods, and he came a cross a wild South African leopard. Right here in Butler county. He stood his ground against the beast but it was to much for Mr. King to handle. The beast beat him in a race only because King was running so fast he ripped his patellar tendon. His NFL career was ruined, all because of a race. Anyway, here is Mr Kings top 5 Songs he listens to:

1.  Atlantic City- The Band

2. She Lit a Fire- Lord Huron

3. The Autumn Wind (Raiders Theme)- NFL Films

4. The Land of Hope & Dreams- Bruce Springsteen

5. Sloop John B- The Beach Boys