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Judge Yeager Interview


The Judicial System is a very confusing thing that no one understands. I personally think that I know a lot about government, and I am a complete idiot about the Judicial System. Because of this minimal information that students have and since I definitely need to get smarter, I interviewed Dr. S Michael Yeager, Butler County Court of Common Pleas Judge. Hopefully you learn something about this cluster of a system and the people that help run it.


Q: What are your responsibilities as a Judge?

A: I hear half of all Civil cases in Butler County, with the exception of family law matters. I am also responsible for all matters emanate from Orphans’ Court, with the exception of adoptions. Such matters include disputes arising from estates, trusts, and guardianship in Butler County.


Q:What education do you have?

A: Bachelor of Science in Psychology – University of Pittsburgh,

   Master of Arts in Industrial Relations- St. Francis College Loretto, Pennsylvania

   Juris Doctorate – Ohio Northern University

   Master of Judicial Studies, Trial Judges – University of Nevada, Reno

   Doctorate of Philosophy, Judicial Studies-University of Nevada, Reno

  Master of Judicial Studies, Juvenile and Family Court Judges- University of Nevada, Reno

Summary: He is pretty smart.


Q:  What was your profession before you were a Judge?

A: Practicing Attorney, 1979-July 5, 2001, with a short period of being a Trust Officer for banking institution from September, 1981-November, 1981.


Q: What is you favorite thing about being a Judge?                                                                                                                 

A: Impartial dispute resolution whereby I have no role in advocating on behalf of any party.

Summary: Bias is bad.


Q:  What is the craziest case that you have ever heard?

A: In a summary criminal appeal, the Defendant was charged with harassment for spray painting the eyeglasses of a complaining witness, while said eye glasses were affixed on the complaining witness’ face.


Q: What advice would you give to students that want to go into law?

A: To choose an undergraduate school major that will provide a diversified educational background. This will enable you to better synthesize legal thinking with different patterns of deductive reasoning.

Summary: Don’t pick something stupid to go to college for. Also, prepare for the dreaded STUDENT LOANS.

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