Flag of the Week #2: Belarus

November 30, 2018

Country: Belarus

Flag Description: Two horizontal lines with red over green in a 2:1 ratio, with a red ornamental pattern on a white vertical stripe at the hoist.


Year Current Flag Started Being Used: 1995 but the red ornamental pattern was adjusted in 2012


History of Flag: The earliest flag of Belarus was all red in 1919. Since the country was under Soviet control there were various Soviet Symbols added to the all red flag.  Then in 1941 an all white flag with a red horizontal stripe was used while the country was under Nazi control. After the a similar design to modern day version but with a hammer and sickle in the top left of the top red stripe. After the Soviet Union collapsed the country went back to the white with red stripe and then to the modern design. 


Facts about Country:

  1. The country has roughly 20,000 rivers.
  2. The highest point in Belarus is 1,130 feet above sea level.
  3. The longest road in the world is in its capital city on Minsk. The road is Independence Avenue and it is 15 Kilometers long.
  4. The county has a 99% literacy rate.
  5. Belarus has one of the oldest forest in the world. The Bialoweza Forest is mentioned in writings from the 900’s.


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