Weird Things At Knoch #3


Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

Hello everyone, in this weeks blog of Weird Things at Knoch I am going to be covering our cafeteria and their condiment policy. As you all know Ranch costs us 50 cents to buy, while all the other condiments like ketchup, bbq sauce, hot sauce, mayo, and salad dressing are free. Many of you have the same question I do when it comes to getting ranch, why the french fries do we have to pay for ranch and not other things. I don’t have a definite answer for you, but my guess would be is that you can put ranch on anything and it taste pretty good. I guess one could make the argument that ketchup tastes good on anything so why don’t we pay for that to? Well , the way that I look at it we don’t have to pay for all or condiment uses so I guess lets just be thankful for that. But, before I end this blog I went ahead and did some calculations for on average how much the school makes off of ranch every year, and this will definitely surprise you. So, what I did was this, ranch costs 0.50 cents and if you bought ranch everyday a week (like I do) that’s $2.50 So, if we multiply $2.50 by 36 for the 36 weeks in school we get $90 dollars. That is crazy on at most people spend 90$ on ranch a year, and keep in mind that is just one person. So, now let’s assume that ¼ of the students here buy ranch everyday. Roughly with 800 people in the school we will now take 200 times $2.50 and the number I calculated scared me. The number I produced was 18,000 dollars. That is a lot of money just to spend on ranch. Well, there you have it folks Knoch’s ranch condiment dilemma. If we want to change this we have to speak up, please help me solve the ranch problem. Well, that’s all I have you this week, please if you want me to look into any other weird things at Knoch send me an email at [email protected] and I will surely look into because frfr i’m running out of ideas and I have to do this all year.