Weird Things At Knoch #4 The Toilet Paper Toilet Mystery


Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

The Toilet Bowl Killer, The Pipe Clogger, The Commode Crusher. These are all aliases for the monster that has been putting whole rolls of toilet paper in the toilet! I personally thought this was hilarious at first, but now that I have looked at it from a different perspective, it’s not all that funny. Someone has to clean it up, and I could not imagine sticking my hand down the toilet to pull out whatever is clogging it (the toilet paper in this case). That is just disgusting, and yet we have these heroes working behind the scenes of our school everyday keeping the building running and clean. One of these heroes you see at lot, his name is John Tristani. I asked him what he had to say to the person who is being so disrespectful and messing up the bathroom.  “ I have to put on rubber gloves and stick my hand down the toilet, if I can’t get it out then I have to call maintenance. This takes them away from whatever they are doing at the time; we only have two maintenance guys for three schools so this takes a good hour or so out of our day when we could be doing other things,” said Tristani. He had one more thing to add, “I just hope I don’t catch you doing it.” I hope this article reaches the person that has been doing this, and they cease what they are doing. You are only hurting yourself and us.