Let’s Get That Bread- Spring sports comin’ at you

April 17, 2019

As the snow melts and the sunshine is coming out, students who are playing pring sports are kicking it in high gear in hopes to make it further than previous seasons. For some students, this is their last season to represent Knoch, so making this season the best is a necessity! Although getting outside this time of year is hard, these athletes are motivated to work hard and get that bread.



Softball is a sport to look out for this spring after a successful season last year. For senior Monica Gourley, she is most excited for a fun season with her friends.

“I’m most excited for dance parties every game and practice,” said Gourley. “I enjoy all the memories that have been made with my friends on the team.”

For the softball team, they are excited to hear about every spring sport except baseball. (Watch out baseball team, I think the softball girls have some beef with you guys)


Lacrosse (Boys’ and Girls’)

Although lacrosse is a club sport for the boys, this team is ready to kick butt! Junior James Johnston is ready to celebrate the many wins with his teammates.

“This season is going to be different from last year because we don’t have as many people so we’ve been working hard to make up for that,” said Johnston.

For girls’ lacrosse, junior Kendall Mullen, agrees her teammates are going to build up their strengths this season.

“We are definitely working harder in practice and are going to be smarter with how we run plays and compete with other teams,” said Mullen. “The boys’ lacrosse team really deserves more credit. They work really hard and practice a lot. They are definitely going to be a good competitor in the boys’ section.” Let’s go lacrosse!



Even though the boys are three-time section champs, they are facing a few small challenges this season.

“This season is going to be harder since we have less pitchers,” said senior Sean McGill.

With a lot of success comes a lot of pressure, but this team is ready to show everyone what they got and have fun along the way.

“I’m most excited to see Travis Mowery’s beautiful face every day,” said McGill. “I’m excited to hear about all spring sports including lacrosse, track, and tennis. But, not softball.” (Confirmed- baseball team and softball team have beef)


Track (Boys’ and Girls’)

Running? Who likes running? Well junior Amelia Walls does!

“I love to run, so the best part of the season is just being able to get a workout in everyday with my friends,” said Walls.

Even though the season has just started, Walls is excited for everything the season will bring.

“I’m excited to go to invitationals, hanging out with friends and talking about life,” said Walls.

With the girls track team ready to run to first place, the boys throwing team is also ready to ready to show what they got.

“We have a pretty good team so I am excited to have the chance to make playoffs,” said junior Earnie Zilka. “We have a chance to take first in a lot of events.”


Boys’ Tennis

Although love means nothing to tennis players (only tennis players will get that joke), the love these players have for the game will hopefully help them this season and postseason play.

“I enjoy tennis because it takes a lot of finesse and skill, and same with any sport, you can always improve your game. Also, it’s a game you can play even when you’re old,” said senior Josh Goldscheitter.

“I am excited to compete, enjoy the weather, and play some tennis with my friends.” Let’s hope the boys have a successful season.


Well you heard it here first ladies and gents, spring sports are ready to go! Be sure to check out the Knoch High School app for game times, locations, scores, and more.



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Let’s Get That Bread- Spring sports comin’ at you