Teacher IPod Playlist #6

Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

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Mr. Miller is an interesting dude, he tries to “be hip” and live out his remaining youth. Miller, a former U.S Open singles player, had a very tragic accident while playing. An angry fan yelled at Miller when the he should have just cheered for Miller’s opponent, which was none other than Donald Trump. This hurt Miller deeply, not only emotionally but also physically, because the fan also threw a large roll of money at him since you know, all tennis fans are rich. The money was so heavy it knocked Miller’s carrier all the way to Knoch High School. Miller was unable to play tennis anymore at the level he could. The large lump sum of money scared him for life.  He’s has moved on from his past life. He now educates society’s youth, and somewhat enjoys doing it. The thing he enjoys most of all tho? Teaching trash cans how to play tennis. That is what Miller does in his time after school, help the trash tennis players become slightly less trash. Anyways, here are Miller’s top 5 songs