Children Of The Chrome


Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

Chromebook kids: we all see them, but no one knows who they really are. I’m pretty sure they have their own Chromebook cult before, during, and after school. They are very interesting people, and most people try to ignore them or leave them alone.
I tried to find one of these “Chromebook kids”. They are very difficult to find; they hide in the darkest corners of the school and you have to look hard to find them. After some looking, I found one.
Sophomore Brandon Glomb, gave me some amazing answers that just consisted of “ya” and “mmhmm”. This, did not provide me with the answers I needed.
So, I talked to someone with a different perspective on these chromedome kids: I Mr. Shaheen.
First, I asked what are some of the strangest damages that you have seen to Chromebooks?
“A couple of years ago, a kid drove his car into a creek. He and his car were completely submerged, this kid was fine, but his Chrombook not so much. It was completely ruined from water damage,” said Mr. Shaheen.
I thought that was crazy. So, I asked him my next question: how often do you have to talk to kids that look up inappropriate things on their Chromebooks?
“At the beginning of the school year, it was a couple days a week, but now it’s about once a week. It is not what you are thinking that they are looking up. It’s mainly just songs with words in the title that are blocked in our searches. I call them down once and let them know that people can see what they look up. I never have to talk to them again,” he said.
According to Mr. Shaheen, it is mainly just middle schoolers.
I’ght so the next question. How many Chromebooks do you fix a day?
“On average, about five a day. The damages can range from a popped off key, it needing a reset, the Wi-Fi will not work, or even a broken screen,” said Mr. Shaheen.
Beast, you guys be lackin on breaking Chromebooks.
After talking with Shaheen I went out again in search of a chromedome child.
Like I said, these kids are really hard to find, so I guess this is turning into a personal kind of thing on them, with stories? I guess: I’m still not sure. Ok, whatever, let’s do this story.
Since I could get really interview a chromedome kid I thought I might define some different types to help the students at Knoch.

I was in the O-wing about a month ago, and I was trying to get to 5th period English class. I was running late, as always, even though I eat first lunch. Anyways, I saw a kid walking down the middle of the hallway with his Chromebook open. Like everyone else, I moved to the edge of the hallway. I was curious what he was looking at that was so important. You will not believe what he was doing: he was walking down the hallway with his Chromebook in hand watching a YouTube video. I silently laughed at this. I’m pretty sure he was watching like a Fortnite video or something.

You also have the kids that bring the chromedome to lunch. There are a couple kids in my lunch that do it. They just all sit there and watch videos, or play a game and sit at a table that most of us call “Chromedome Island”. It kind of reminds me of the island from The Lord of The Flies, but not really, well kind of, but not close. Anyways, they mind their own business and don’t bother anyone, so the lunch chromedome kids are ok.

I’ght, so, next you got the doorwaychromedome kids. These kids sit outside of the teachers’ doors in the morning and just mess around on their chromedome. For example, there is this one freshman that does puzzles in the morning: he does a new puzzle every day.
I guess it’s not all that bad, and they are stimulating the brain by doing it. They don’t really bother anyone, they just get in the way sometimes. They don’t always realize where they are sitting and that they are in the way… that is my only complaint on the doorway chromedome kids.
Well, I think that I covered all the types of chromedome kids. They are an interesting bunch of kids, and if you get to know them, I bet that they are actually pretty nice.