Big Man Big Problems

Jacob Mock, Staff Writer


   Other than my constant political discussion, my height is probably the only thing that I am known for. The thing is being tall has its positives, but also its negatives. Yeah, it is sick to be able to see over 90% of people in the hallway, but I have to duck walking through my own basement. This article will cover the troubles of a tall person.


   The first issue with being tall is blocking peoples views in public places. I went to the Garth Brooks concert on May 18th and before you say it, no I am not a hick who listen to country music, I was forced to go. My seat was great and I was in the first row of the section. I didn’t have to worry about people blocking my view. As most normal people at a concert do, I stood up. I then got curious and turned around and saw that there was a woman behind me that was not very tall. She ended up switching seats with the person next to her so she could see. I got about half way through that concert and my knees started to hurt. I ended up sitting down, so the lady switched back to her original seat and had a clear view.


   Another issue being tall is you can’t fit in a lot of things. Whether it is seats on the bus or pants from the year prior, I simply don’t fit in them. On multiple occasions I have had troubles with bus seats. Every away track meet bus ride is hell. I have three bags, first off, which is difficult to fit in the seat, then you sometimes have to double up and sit with someone else. in a seat with a crap ton of bags and there is limited room to move. All of this is not even mentioning how my legs are almost going through the seat in front of me and by the time we get off the bus, I can barely walk. The other problem is clothes, more specifically pants, that don’t fit a year after. Fall and spring suck because it means going to numerous stores and almost buying them out of whatever jeans or shorts that the length works.Thankfully, this next school year will probably, and hopefully, be the last year that I will have to worry about buying all new jeans or shorts because I grew and they are to short. That’s another thing that sucks is that when you go to buy pants, there are very few pants with a length above 32. I go to the store and every year I have to buy multiple pairs of pants and eventually return the majority of them because they are to short.


   This entire rant can be summarized in one statement: although it is sick to be tall, there are some major drawbacks.