The Dating Game Killer, Rodney Alcala


Faith Mayhugh, staff writer

Let me paint the scene for you. It’s 1978 and your on the show “The Dating Game”. You chose Bachelor Number One. 

His answer to the question “I am serving you for dinner—what are you called, and what do you look like?”  intrigues you.

 “I’m called the banana and I look really good… Peel me.”

Weird? Yes, but you shrug it off. Little do you know Bachelor Number One was actually Rodney Alcala, and was convicted of raping an eight year old girl in 1972. And by the time you met him on the game in 1978 he has already killed four women. 

You go backstage and he starts to seem creepy. You decline going on a date with him. He seemed to go crazy over your rejection. That was a good choice on your part. Right after the game show he planned to go on a date with 16 year old Cynthia Libby. She agreed to go on a date with him. He stood her up and she went home and found out her was just arrested for murder. 

Alcala is now in prison on account of 12 women murders…