Adison’s Insight on League of Legends #1


Adison Trofimuk, Staff Writer

Hello everyone that is reading this, you are probably on the knight times and saw League of Legends in the title, and you said to yourself, “hey I really hate that game but I’m addicted to it and I can’t stop playing.” That is personally the case for me, I can’t quit even if I want to. You could be one of the people that has no idea what the game is or even about. In that case, I’m gonna make it as simple as possible for you to understand what the heck each person does, in simplest form possible. Ill sprinkle a little bit of the funnies here and there, and for the people that have been playing the game for a while, I’ll also throw in some more advanced things so you and I only know what I’m talking about. Well, if you ever have any questions for me about the game I would be more than happy to answer them. I am just really looking forward to writing about this, about something I’m extremely passionate about.