There’s more to Pittsburgh than PPG and Country Music


Random concert goer

Photo of Suzy Oswald, Tori Schmidt, Lydia Miller, and I

Faith Mayhugh, staff writer


You probably have been to at least one concert in your life. If you haven’t, that’s okay. You’re just bland. If you are thinking to yourself,  “Oh man, I’ve only been to a country concert, does that count?” The answer is no, it doesn’t. But that’s fine. I hope one day you can find what true music is and maybe even go to a concert one day… 

Despite this seeming like an article of me bashing country music, it’s not.

 I’m a concert junky. Nine times out of ten when you tell me you’re going to a concert and you tell me the venue, my response will be “oh yeah I’ve been there.” I’ll proceed to hype up the venue or bash it. These are some of the local venues (not including PPG paints and Peterson Event center because everyone knows that) I am very familiar with that you might have never known were actually venues. 

The Rex Theater

This is personally one of my favorites. Located on the South Side of Pittsburgh, The Rex Theater is a very small, fun venue. With the capacity of 587, It’s a great experience altogether, and you definitely get to know the bands that are playing.  

Upcoming Shows

Waterparks 11/30/19

The Get Up Kids 12/13/19

Grayscale 2/23/20

Smiling Moose

Smiling Moose is a bar, that’s all I have to say… no, but actually,it is and its really uncomfortable just to have the normal bar rats sittng at the bar and a small crowd of high school and college kids standing around a little rise in the back to watch a band. 

No Upcoming shows but there are open mic nights. 

Mr. Smalls Theater/ Funhouse

This is a cool one. Mr. Smalls used to be a church and it has two venues and a cafe in it. The upstairs venue is called the Funhouse and has a capacity of 175. I have only ever been to the Funhouse for acoustic sets. The downstairs venue is where it’s at. I have had some great times there. The downstairs venue has a capacity of 800 people and has AC which is a god send for concerts in the summer. 

Upcoming shows

Plain White T’s 12/14/19

Wallows 2/26/20

So if your ever looking to go to a show, check out one of these cheap, small, local venues. 

P.S I have never seen  a country artist play at any of these. Sorry country fans you will have to go somewhere else. 

If You’re the adventurous type and don’t mind driving a few hours for a show here are some good ones within a few hour radius (I meet Jake Paul there. No I don’t like him.)