Providing a Sense of Community

KHS Bocce Team


There have been lots of new things at Knoch High School this year, one of those things being the addition of a bocce team. While the sport is new to the school, the teacher sponsoring this is not: Mrs. Bocci. One might think her name alone would qualify her for the position, and even she agrees.

“How cool for the bocce coach to be Mrs. Bocci? The name just fits,” said Mrs. Bocci.

Although Mrs. Bocci’s name gives her a great reason to want to be a part of the team, there was more behind her decision to sponsor this new team.

“I want to provide Knoch High School students the opportunity to participate in an extremely meaningful and rewarding experience. I have friends who have worked and volunteered for the Special Olympics and it has been an amazing experience for all involved,” said Bocci.

Mrs. Bocci has many goals for the team this year. While winning would be nice, a successful year is determined in different ways.

“My goal is to provide an awesome opportunity for both students at Knoch with and without intellectual disabilities,” said Bocci.  “I hope to foster friendships, team spirit, and competitiveness, and get the whole school’s involvement.”

Current team member, senior Bekah Hortert, makes it seem like Mrs. Bocci is close to achieving her goals.

“I’m looking forward to having a fun way to make new friends and giving our school more of a sense of community,” said Hortert.

Mrs. Bocci and others on the team thinks this will have a great impact and that it will benefit people on and around the bocce team.

“There is a stigma around being friends with people who aren’t normally in your friend group. This is bringing a lot of different people together throughout Knoch High School,” said Hortert.

With such a positive outlook and supportive students throughout the school, it looks like the team is off to a great first year and can expect a good season ahead of them. If you are interested in being a part of this team it isn’t too late to join.