The Big ‘Rona Experience

     As I sit here and stare at my George W. Bush mug filled with pens, I realize that I may actually like school. Although I usually dread dumping out my entire bag at seven in the morning, I actually miss school. I can not believe I just made that statement on the record, but I guess that’s a little late now.  I miss hearing Ms. T threaten to throw a shoe at Truffy, and I miss the conversations at lunch when Jake Coffield would say something really stupid-Sorry Jake, I had to mention it at some point. But most of all, I miss the people. I miss the little things. I miss the class conversations in English, I miss the election talks with Mr. Zebrine, I miss people as a whole. You never realize how much you cherish something until it is gone. I guess school is that something in my bland life. 


We had to answer some journal questions for our “two-week” packet for Newspaper. Enjoy I guess. 

Something that stood out

I never realized how much I enjoy Diet Coke and I think I may now have an addiction to this nectar of the gods. 

What is the one thing I will miss the most from school?

I think my rant above covers this question, but just people in general.

What are you wearing every day and why?

Usually, it is whatever is clean and within reach. It usually consists of a random shirt and shorts.

What are you learning about what is happening around the world? 

I have learned that I hate China more than I thought and that some people think that eating bats are a good idea. 



Something you missed while away from school?

Rohland: Seeing my friends and teachers.

Mack: I miss tennis with Mr. Miller and Jamin. I also missed interactions with people at school.

Reedy: Nothing, but if I have to answer, I guess friends. 


How have you been spending your days?

Rohland: I’ve been doing school work and also preparing for the next track season. 

Mack: Go to bed at 1 and wake up at 10 and do some school work and go outside in the evening and repeat. 

Reedy: I have been working and chilling


Who has become your new “desk partner”?

Rohland: I don’t know how to answer this one? I don’t really have one.

Mack: Nobody really. I guess my trump pen. 

Reedy: My dog Diesel, who just turned seven, and my older brother. 


Anything else you would like to add?

Rohland: Nah

Mack: I miss school. 

Reedy: Nope that will be all.