Caleb Traggiai: Baseball

Senior Sports Bios

April 29, 2020


PARENTS’ NAMES:  Marcie Stoops and Anthony Traggiai 

SPORT:  Baseball


FUTURE PLANS/ COLLEGE OF CHOICE (MAJOR): I am attending Slippery Rock University to study Occupational Therapy 

OTHER ACTIVITIES (SCHOOL RELATED OR COMMUNITY): I was also involved in KDA and also the FOR Club which was a great thing (even though that kind of died out whenever all of the school staff said they did not want it to LOL) 

FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC MEMORY: My sophomore baseball season when I actually got played  

FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL SUBJECT AND FAVORITE TEACHER: My favorite subject was Anatomy because I love learning about the human body and the crazy ways with how all it works and my favorite teacher goes between either Mr. Limbacher or Mrs. Knappenberger because they both were always very easy to get along with, their rooms to me feel very welcoming to students, and they would go out of their way to help out with anyone that is in need. 

What would you like to say to your coaches?

Thank you guys for taking time away from your families at home and coming to coach us every day to help us perform to the best we can be. 

What would you like to say to your parents?

I love you guys and thank you for always being my number one supporters. Thanks for teaching me how to be the best I can mentally with my everyday life. 

What would you like to say to your teammates, either specifically or as a whole?

Boys, I am going to miss all the memories we have made over these past few years. This is definitely going to sound extremely cliche, but do not take any of your time playing for granted because, as you guys witnessed this year, the seniors of 2020 had our season taken from us and some of us might never get that chance to walk on a field again.  

Advice for underclassmen teammates? 

Never eat a whole lot of Taco Bell before practices or games… trust me, you will regret it.

Best memory:

All of Saxonburg baseball and us going down to Dirty Myrtle to play at the Ripken Tournament. Also jumping into the ocean in February in the middle of the night at Myrtle.  

Who has served as an inspiration to you in your sport:

Honestly, all of the parents who picked my head up after games, knowing I had a rough highschool season last year, and then all of them supporting me throughout all of summer ball and then telling me how good of a season I had. 


The school’s pizza surprisingly got better throughout my years at Knoch. 


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