Andrew Heltsley: Tennis

Senior Sports Bios

May 1, 2020


PARENTS’  NAMES: Raymond Heltsley, Yvonne Heltsley

SPORT: I play disc golf and tennis.

NUMBER OF YEARS PLAYING THE SPORT: I’ve played 10 years of disc golf and about a month of tennis.

TEAM AWARDS/ RECOGNITION: Disc golf is a personal sport, but I have won several tournaments. 

FUTURE PLANS/ COLLEGE OF CHOICE (MAJOR): I will be attending Akron University for Civil Engineering.

OTHER ACTIVITIES (SCHOOL RELATED OR COMMUNITY): Should I have put disc golf here instead? 😂

FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC MEMORY: At least once during tennis practice, Sam would raise his shorts and shirt to short shorts and a crop top. It’s always a good laugh. 

FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL SUBJECT AND FAVORITE TEACHER: Calc II is always a blast. Mr. Pflugh always made his classroom seem like a second home, filled with battles and a sight to see for us nerds and geeks!

What would you like to say to your coaches?

Thank you for all the help! Even though I was new to the team, you always encouraged me to get out there and practice. 

What would you like to say to your parents?

Thank you for taking me to all my activities that I did, and with that, you always came to watch me in my endeavors. Even more than that, you taught me to look at others before myself and to never stop rooting for the opponent. I can’t thank you enough. 

What would you like to say to your teammates, either specifically or as a whole?

Thank you for all the fun memories. It would have been great to have a full season, but the few matches we had still are jam packed full of fun and unforgettable times. 

Advice for underclassmen teammates?

Make sure to keep up with the sport during the off season. Along with that don’t be afraid to try a new sport. It might  end up being something you will do the rest of your life. 

Who has served as an inspiration to you in your sport?

Sam Blair was a huge inspiration for me starting tennis. He was always willing to stay after school and help me on my form and just learn how the game works. Disc golf would have to be my dad. He was always way better than me until the start of the season last year. I always wanted to beat him and surpass it if I was able. He also was my ride to most of the courses since I started so early. Thanks to you two for giving me a goal and helping to get me to achieve that goal. 


Always, always practice! It will fine tune your form and lead you to success. Also, make sure to get some others into your sport. You might show them their new favorite sport or at the very least might gain a new person to play alongside you.

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