blog post #4: wonder

I recently finished a chapter from Iris’s childhood when she and her sister hid the radical Alex Thomas in their house after the button factory fire.  They both become enchanted with him, even though he’s far from a prince charming.  He allegedly sabotaged their own fathers business, yet they still do everything they can to help him.  Iris said, “tending to Alex Thomas brought Laura and me closer together than we had been for awhile”, which I find interesting.  Iris always says his first and last name for some reason, always.  But what’s really interesting is when Laura cuts the photograph of the sisters with Alex in the middle, one for her where Iris is cut out, and one for Iris with Laura cut out.  Iris says this was “the closest she ever came, in my hearing, to a confession of love for Alex Thomas.”  First of all, why is this rude guy so appealing?  Iris and Laura are both so naive in this book it drives me nuts.  Laura more than Iris, but still.  He’s your classic meanie who completely used them for safety and yet they secretly adore him.  Another thing I noticed was the way Iris talks about him–she never actually says she is attracted to him or anything, even in her inner thoughts–she rejected his advances–yet the whole photo scene makes it seem like they were both in love with him.  I don’t know, it’s just super weird.  I’m trying to understand her mind and it just isn’t clicking for me.

There hasn’t been a Blind Assassin excerpt recently.  This new information about Iris’s past is starting to make a parallel, though.  Alex Thomas sure does seem like the man who the woman in the novel is having an affair with.  And now that Iris is engaged to Richard Griffen (to save her family’s financial situation), Iris seems like the woman herself.  The picture scene is what gave it away for me.  But Laura, her dimwitted sister, wrote the novel, so this kind of makes no sense at all.  But I also need to read more so these questions in my mind might diminish in a few chapters.

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some other questions:

If Alex didn’t set the fire, who did?

What the heck did that alphabet-drug code mean?

If Iris was the bookworm who appreciated writing and Laura liked to color in books, how the heck did she write that novel?

The cut photo with the hand.  Is the one from The Blind Assassin Iris’s half or Laura’s half?  What does that have to do with anything?

The text isn’t answering any of these yet, but I’m starting to make more sense of everything.  The Alex/mystery man puzzle is starting to fall into place, but there is still so much I haven’t learned.  I’m really getting into this book now.  Like, I have trouble putting it down.  The author’s writing is absolutely captivating and I’m excited to see where she goes with the plot.