Freshman musician will “turn your frown upside down”



That’s the first thing any person will do during a conversation with freshman Andrew Ripper.  Known for his contagious laugh, energetic personality, upbeat attitude, and musical talents, Ripper is one guy who can surely make anyone’s day go from gloomy, to bright.

“I would describe Andrew as a conscientious, determined, kind, helpful, funny, and overall well-rounded student who is also a talented musician,” said Mrs. Lemmon, a ninth grade history teacher. 

Ripper is known by many of his teachers and peers as a gifted musician. He plays multiple instruments including the trumpet, guitar, and piano.

“One day I hope to learn how to play the drums and tenor sax,” said Ripper. 

Ripper showcases his talents by participating in many of the school’s activities such as marching band, musical, jazz band, and concert band. 

Ripper hopes to continue his passion for music in the future.

“I really want to be in a rock band as a lead guitarist. I think it would be really cool to become a really big rock band that everyone hears about,” said Ripper.

“Honestly, I could see Andrew pursuing a music career as a professional musician! I know how much he loves music!” said Mrs. Lemmon. 

Ripper’s favorite part of the school day is going to jazz band and hanging with other musicians while playing his instrument. 

“He is very musically talented,” said Tobias Reynolds, a close friend of Ripper’s. “One of his secret talents is that he is really good at guitar.”

Ripper is also known for his positive, upbeat, and entertaining personality.

“I always try to look on the bright side of negative situations,” said Ripper. “It’s what helps me stay positive.”

“Andrew is very good at lightening the mood,” said Isaac Brace, a friend and fellow band member of Ripper’s. “Some of my best memories with Andrew are from our band trips together.” 

Many people agree that Ripper is a very entertaining person to be around. He never fails to make others smile.

“Andrew is energetic, engaging, and really funny when he’s around close friends,” said Reynolds. “He manages to be very respectful while also looking for a laugh.”

There are very few things that can upset Ripper’s optimistic outlook on life, but one thing that can dramatically affect Ripper’s persona is his habit to procrastinate.

“I am quite the procrastinator,” said Ripper. “I try to work on it, but in the end, I usually end up procrastinating.”

Though Ripper does procrastinate, he doesn’t let that get in the way of staying positive, making jokes, and laughing out loud with his iconic laugh.

“When Andrew starts laughing, everyone starts laughing,” said Brace. “His laugh is probably the thing that makes me laugh the most because it’s so contagious.”

“One of his most defining characteristics is definitely his laugh,” said Reynolds.

Even though Ripper’s life is filled up with practicing instruments and laughing out loud, he still manages to be a leader academically.

“He means business and will take on the leadership roles in small groups,” said Mrs. Lemmon. “However, he still knows how to have fun while learning! It’s the best of both worlds!”

Ripper is also involved in many advanced classes. He manages to balance his work with his ability to have fun.

“Andrew is well-versed in current events and isn’t afraid to state his opinion! He was never afraid to raise his hand and challenge others on a subject or in a discussion” said Mrs. Lemmon.  “He reassured me that young people are still interested in what is going on in the world and care about what’s happening.”

Andrew Ripper can be described as many things. A talented musician, a positive influence, and a leader. He manages to be a well rounded person who anyone can go to for a good laugh or smile.

In the words of Mrs. Lemmon, “He is not only a fabulous student, but an amazing person all-round.”

Freshman Reilly Huff refers to herself as somewhat of a nerd because she enjoys reading and is also a member of the science club. Huff is a competitive dancer at the She’Lor School of Dance, the freshman class Vice President, and a member of  the musical dance troupe. Her favorite class is Biology and she has an OBSESSION with dark chocolate!