Summer 2020


by Marissa Melius


Corona not only affected everyone’s school year but it’s also going to change a lot of people’s summer plans. Without being able to go into restaurants or get into large groups many people can’t do the things they normally do throughout their summer. Although people might have to change how they spend this summer there are still plenty ways to make this one fun and enjoyable.


With amusement parks, concerts, and many other large events on hold many people have to get creative with how they should spend their time. Some places you can still continue to go to like lakes, trails, and parks. North Park and many other local parks are still open to walk around and enjoy. This means you are still free to bike, walk, fish, and even swim. Another thing you can do is camp there are many different places you could go with family or friends to camp outside or have a fire. 


If you are looking for something a little less active there are still other things you can do. One thing you can do is go to the drive-in. Although there are a few rules many drive-ins are open like the one in Butler. Another thing you can do is play board games or card games with your family or friends.


The corona virus might have a huge impact on your summer but you can still try and make the best out of it. Hopefully a few of these suggestions sound interesting to you and give you ideas on how you can spend your summer this year.