#bestsocialmediaposts week 3

Sammy Jo Barnes, Video Editor

December 12, 2018

So it's currently that awkward time of the year where it's in between Thanksgiving and Christmas break, no one is really doing anything--Instagram is lacking, Twitter is just full of angry college students complaining about finals,...

#bestsocialmediaposts week 2

Sammy Jo Barnes, Video Editor

November 5, 2018

It’s been a busy past two weekends for Knoch students--from Halloween to WPIALs to states, social media has been popping with posts.  Here's a few highlights! 1. Quinn Hughes and Caleb Traggiai's en-DEER-ing Halloween costumes 2. Hannah...

#bestsocialmediaposts of October

Sammy Jo Barnes, Video Editor

October 22, 2018

1. Gabe Webb finally gets a haircut 2018: 2. Libby's soda-inspired hoco-posal Here's a little backstory on this insta post... How did you surprise him? I was waiting for him to get home from work and when he pulled ...

#bestsocialmediaoftheweek Blog Intro

Sammy Jo Barnes, Video Editor

October 17, 2018

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter.  Those are the only three apps I aimlessly scroll through on a daily basis.  Social media is a powerful thing--it serves as entertainment mostly. For example, Instagram--our favorite app to scroll on at wo...