2019-2020 Staff

Grace Phillips


I'm Grace Phillips; I'm a senior, a general dog lover, and proud Co-Editor of The Knight Times. I like writing sarcastically and dressing funkily. In my free time I make jewelry, look for sea glass on the shores of Lake Erie,...

Sammy Jo Barnes


Hello all, my name is Sammy Jo Barnes.  I’m an owl enthusiast, regular bagel eater, cross-country runner, lover of hockey & listener of true crime podcasts.  My hobbies include reading, taking photos, writing, talking...

Lillie Leasure

Layout Editor

Hi, my name is Lillie Leasure and I am a senior this year.  My favorite activities are playing soccer, taking pictures, reading, and watching Netflix.  My favorite quote is "Work hard in silence.  Let your success be your noise."...

Caroline Ejzak

Layout Editor

Helloooooo I am Caroline Ejzak. I am a senior as well as a: tennis player, master baker, La Croix enthusiast, early bird, black coffee drinker, math despiser, middle child, Sagittarius, and health freak. Recently, I've started...

Jacob Mock

News Editior

Hello, my name is Jacob Mock. I am probably the only person in the school that plays Disc Golf. Also, my life revolves around politics.

Cole Reiser

Feature Editor

Hey! I'm Cole Reiser and i'm a Junior at Knoch High School! My hobbies are binge watching TV shows and excessively judging others life decisions. I am obsessed with clothes and if you bring me to dunkin' i'll love you forever....

Claire Lindsey

Opinion Editor

Hi it's Claire. I'm a senior and I am this year's Opinion Editor of The Knight Times. I talk too much and too loud. I enjoy punk music and scary movies. If I'm not singing or playing music, I'm most likely driving my friends to...

Adam Stobert

Sports Editor

Hi, I'm Adam Stobert I am a junior. I love sports, I play baseball and wrestling. When I'm not playing sports you can usually find me going to school sports games, at sheetz, or watching Netflix. I also love listening to music...

Bryn Krason

staff writer

HELLO, human beings. I am Bryn Krason a "suffer"more at this school. I like to sleep and read. I also learn random things that most people don't care to know.  

Natalie Totterdale

staff writer

Hey I'm Natalie! I am currently a sophomore and 15 years old.  I coach a cheer squad full of 4th and 5th graders, which my ten year old little sister is on. I also have been dancing since I was 3 years old, and now I do competitive...

Faith Mayhugh

staff writer

Hi, I'm Faith. I'm a Sophomore. and I like to go to concerts but nobody is ever willing wants to go with me because they don't like punk music. Moshing is better by yourself anyways. You're just jealous that you don't collect...

Andrew Brandt

staff writer

Hello My name is Andrew Brandt.  I'm a senior and I'm a triplet, with a brother and a sister.  I love to to go camping, eat food, and follow current politics and news.   I work at dairy queen which is where I spend most...

Brooke Vioral

Staff Writer

Hey, I'm Brooke Vioral and I am a sophomore.  I do competitive cheer, I have been cheering for 10 years. Some of my other interests are pop music, gymnastics.

Marissa Melius

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Marissa Melius and as of now I am a junior. I am a softball player, I have been playing softball for over eight years. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to Chick-Fil-A, and being with my dog.

Paige Duke

Staff Writer

Hey everyone! My name is Paige Duke and i'm a sophomore. I am a dancer and a Knochette for the Knoch marching band. Some of my other interests are art, coffee and music.

Dustin Schlagel

Staff Writer


Adison Trofimuk

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Adison Trofimuk, and I write stories, not just any stories. I write newspaper stories. Just remember that Big Todd is watching you.

Jocelyn Adley

Staff Writer

Hey there! My name's Jocelyn if you didn't know. Since you'll be reading a few of my articles, why don't I tell you a little about myself. I'm a senior this year and I'm still probably one of the least known people in the school,...

Grace Poeppel

Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Grace Poeppel. I'm 18 and a senior this year. I love coffee, photography, and country music. I've been a dancer since I was 3 years old. I'm also a Knochette in the marching band, I'm one of the team captains this...