Art Or Fart? Pt. 1

September 19, 2022


ART (left): Sarah Fleishner and her lovely arty cat doesn’t have even a single trace of fart about it!  His little whiskers are craftily done with a glue gun strings, how creative! It was a gift made for her honey boo buns baby bear sweet cheeks snuffaluffagus Evan Moody, and I’m sure he loved it! 100% art, 0% fart.


FART (right): Thanks for the submission Mr. Toby Webb, and it sure is a paper with crayon, but pretty farty! What is this guy holding? Is he about to kill this poor animal that resembles a dog? What’s wrong with dog? Something is wrong. It’s stinky and smelly, but I admire your bravery! I hope the guy isn’t supposed to be you, he’s kinda ugly. His face is kinda fun though. 13% art, 87% fart.





  ART (left): Here’s Ms. Emma Broman and her big old chunk of art! Originally Jim Halpert, her masterpiece of Willy Wonka does show a truly exquisite and tasteful take on today’s modern world. I think she’s really spoken to us with this one folks, I’m personally touched by the detail in his pale

blue eyes that really give you a glance into his soul. It makes you want to weep. Thank you for this masterpiece Emma Broman. 100% art. Not a fart in sight.


FART (right): Ava Santora? More like Ava FARTtora. Because this is some fart. So farty that she herself smells as bad as it looks like that taco would taste. Please do better, Billy Bob Joe deserved more than this. Misrepresentation of tacos, misdemeanors in all the degrees, overall violations of misconduct of all the conducts. Total flop. My heart is full of disappointment and misery. I just expected more from THE avataco04. 2% art, 98% fart.




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