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October 2, 2022

When picturing students and their jobs, where would you see them working? Some popular job choices are pizza shops, Ambrose Farm, and Concordia. Students also have jobs you may not have heard about like at the Butler County Country Club, Burger King, or lifeguarding at Penn Valley Athletic Club. Let us take a dive into their work life.

Senior Syd Gilliland:

Gilliland works at the Butler County Country Club as a busser. 

“I run food, set up and take down events, give water and rolls to members, wipe off tables, and take dirty dishes to the dish room,” said Gilliland.

That sounds like a lot to do in one shift. 

“Some pros are that it pays well, and there are a few coworkers my age that I get along well with,” said Gilliland. “The cons are that the workload becomes overwhelming quickly.”

So what made Gilliland want to work there?

“I decided to work here because it paid better than my previous job,” she said. “And my friends work there, so I thought it would be a more healthy working environment for me.”

She also added, “If you apply and say you heard about the position through me. I get a $150 bonus.” 

Junior Vicent Ross:

Ross works at Burger King. 

“I have to make the food in a safe and efficient manner,” said Ross.

If you are looking for your first job there are definitely better places.”

— Vicent Ross

When you work in fast food, strange things are bound to happen.

“One time a lady came in asking for a drink that we didn’t have, and when we told her we didn’t have it, she flipped out at the person at the window,” said Ross. [sidenote: that person at the window was me.]

It’s a pretty hectic job.

Ross said, “If you are looking for your first job there are definitely better places.”

Sophomore Allison Smith:

Smith is a LifeGuard at Penn Valley Athletic Club.

“Basically,I watch people in the pool to make sure they’re safe, serve people food at snack bars, and sit at the front desk,” said Smith.

What is a basic walkthrough of your day at the pool?

“To open the pool, I unload the disgusting pool vacuum, turn on the fryers, and clean while I wait for people to come,” said Smith. “ Also, then I rotate shifts between the chair, desk, and snack bar.”

Have you ever wondered about the weird things you might see being a lifeGuard?

“The strangest thing was definitely having six snakes inhabit the guard room or having a rabid raccoon in the dumpster,” Smith added.


Hearing what these jobs are like, would you ever consider working there? If not, there are many opportunities to get other jobs. Because we all gotta’ make that money

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