Teacher Personal Stories Part 3

December 12, 2022

For this week’s Teacher personal story we have Youth and Gov’t leader Ms. Lemmon. Today she will be telling us a little about the greatest thing that has happened to her. So read below and enjoy.

Thanks for sending this question! It’s a tough one–I think the generic response is that being a teacher I have the opportunity to make connections with so many young individuals and have the opportunity to positively impact their lives and have seen so many students grow over the course of the years here in the high school. However, I think the “greatest” thing to have ever happened to me was when the National Honor Society students invited me to be their Keynote Speaker at the 2021 Induction Ceremony. I was so honored that they chose me to speak on their behalf, but I was also so very nervous! As soon as I was asked, I started thinking of what I wanted to say and I would continue to go back to the speech to edit/revise it as I wanted it to be “perfect”. I can remember being inducted into the NHS whenever I was a student here and remember feeling that sense of accomplishment as a student. However, to be selected by those students to speak at their induction ceremony where other fabulous teachers delivered amazing speeches, I was so honored and felt like I finally “arrived” as an educator. This moment in my teaching career was also a huge step for me as I reflected on never really wanting to become an educator because I was so nervous to speak publically. At that moment, I thought, “Now look at me–speaking in front of a group of students and their families!” What an incredible experience and honor it truly was for me and I cannot thank those students enough for thinking of me. 


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