Hay Day is a full time job

December 19, 2022


 It’s been about a month that Knoch has been in a Hay Day obsession, if you don’t know what it is, you are a loser, but I’ll still explain to you; it is the best game ever. You basically own a farm, but it is not only planting corn and feeding animals, you also have to make products using machines. You can create and join a neighborhood with all your friends, so you can participate in the derby as a team and help each other. Have I not convinced you to download it? Let’s see what students at Knoch think about it.


Sophomore Karlee Buterbaugh is one of  many students at Knoch who loves Hay Day. She downloaded it during Covid to fill her day, but she came back to being active recently. 

Buterbaugh said, “This obsession probably is  just temporary but I love it because  it gives me something to do in my free time and it’s fun competing against your friends on who’s farms are better”.  

Taking care of her farm just takes between 30 and 50 minutes a day. For someone it may look like a lot, but trust me, it’s not. 


Junior Willow Danehy spends about two hours a day on Hay Day. She is very interested in having the best farm in the neighborhood, and of course to reach that goal, you need to put in a lot of effort and time.

 “I downloaded it in 7th grade and I was on that grind, but I fell off of that grind until recently”, said Danehy. “Probably towards the end of November, I hopped right back on that grind.”

She thinks that her addiction is at this level especially because of our newspaper class where everyone is obsessed too, so we spend all the time playing Hay Day instead of doing our work. (Mrs Thompson said, “I hate you all”, we love you too Mrs T.) Danehy is in Senior Jake Santora’s neighborhood and she is very scared of his wrath when she doesn’t do the job as part  of the community. Last but not least, Danehy said, “I’m better than Jake”.


I’ve only talked about people who love Hay Day, let’s find out who hates it. Senior Ryan Justi seems very disappointed in this game; he thinks that it is very boring and uneventful. 

Justi said, “It just blew up out of nowhere and it’s constant too. It’s not like they play it in their downtime. They will be playing it every chance they get”.

Justi is right, all of us play Hay Day every time we have the opportunity. Taking care of our farms is a full time job. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get it. He will never download Hay Day. 

“I think people that are obsessed with it need help and have to find a better game,” said Justi’s opinion on the people who play it.


After hearing different opinions about Hay Day, what do you think? Are you going to download it or not?


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