2023 Goals that students won’t accomplish

January 20, 2023



The new year has finally arrived, which means that all the lazy people who did not accomplish any of their goals last year are making new ones that they won’t do either. But why do people not complete their goals? Are they too difficult? Let’s see Knoch students 2023 goals!


Freshman Alena Tekely goals are to stay healthy, spend more time with my family, stay focused on what is important to her, and to become a better athlete. Those are a lot of plans! And also very admirable! Does she believe her goals are achievable?

Teleky said, “My goals may be challenging for me but I believe I can do them”

That’s great! I wish I had this confidence and motivation in my skills like her. 

 Last year, Tekely did an amazing job. She got closer to friends and left others that are not true friends. She also focused more on herself by stopping worrying about what people think about her. That’s so right! She didn’t do great only socially and mentally, but also as an athlete. 

Tekely said, “I accelerated in my travel softball season by improving my mechanics and my swing”


Another student who wants to improve his sports career is sophomore Zach Saeler, who said, “My Goals for 2023 are to play varsity baseball and get good grades in school.” 

He is interested in improving both academically  and athletically. How inspiring is this? 

He thinks that his goals are achievable if he works hard. It seems that he actually does because Saeler said, “ I do follow my goals and I usually follow them until the goal is reached”.


Until now, the students have shown interest in becoming a better student, athlete or person. 

Junior Sam Caldwell instead aspires to have a new year full of money and women. Everyone is different, right? He doesn’t believe in “new year new me” but in “new year new woman”. So true Sam, so true. 

“I am a very optimistic man with dreams and goals,” said Caldwell. 

For this reason he believes that women are confusing but they’re achievable by some standards.

As well, he has high confidence and high expectations, I guess he reached his goals last year.

Caldwell said, “I got no women or money but got time with family and friends.” That’s still good!


So what are your 2023 goals?


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