Musical all About Eggs?

January 24, 2023

Ever thought about auditioning for the school musical? Our students always put on a good one, and the musical is never a disappointment. The cast and crew, which includes students in grades (9-12) have a blast every year. Those in the cast, feel like they are a part of something. This group will never make you feel lonely. 

Senior Mackenzie Protos has been doing the musical since ninth grade. This year, she got the role of Bea, which is one of the leads. She is excited because the cast is especially talented, and she can’t wait to see it come together. Her favorite song is the Black Death because it’s really catchy and funny. Even though Protos is sad that this is her last musical, she also feels somewhat relieved. She explained that it is a lot of work because of the script memorization and remembering the dance numbers. Protos plans to go to college as an English major with a theater minor, and she eventually wants to do what Ms. Bronder does and teach theater arts. 

This is sophomore Nick Collins’ second musical. He got the lead role as Nigel Bottom and is excited to perform and act with his friends. Collins’ favorite song from the musical is Welcome to

America or Make an Omelet because both of them are really upbeat and fun. When auditioning, Collins wasn’t very confident. He was really nervous, especially about the dance audition, but now he thinks that all the songs and dances are really fun. He said they will be super exciting to watch as well. Collins believes it is a silly show, and you should go see it and support the arts! 

Students should go see the musical and should even think about joining next year. If you aren’t all about being in a main role, there are other options. Being part of the cast is not as big of a time commitment, but you still get the experience.  If you like designing or working with lights and sound, you can do stage crew. As someone who has done the musical for two years, I promise you will not be disappointed. 



Emails will be sent about the upcoming musical by Ms. Bonder. So if you are looking forward to it be sure to check your email.



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