Art or Fart? Part 7 – Moon Museum Special

February 10, 2023


FART (left): Flatulence. A windbreak. Petarade. Ventosity. The biggest cut of cheese I’ve ever seen. A not-so-silent foist. This is certainly one of the fartiest things I’ve come across in all my time. I really can’t find one good thing about it. The drawing isn’t very good at all either. 93% FART 7% ART

ART (right): Wow Mitch! This is so cute! I like the detailed little dashes on the trees to give them texture and depth. Almost makes me feel like I’m standing in a forest as we speak! I love the school spirit and self-confidence shown in a hashtag format. The hearts really add to it all, I love the effort put into making them multi-colored. SO good mitch. 80% ART 20% FART





FART (left): This is so trash. Her hair? Ugly. Her face? Ugly. Her green body? Ugly. This is so obscenely silly looking. Although perhaps there was a reason behind the way her artist went about her creation, I can’t imagine it was a good one, or still, it could ever justify this. You can tell by the look in her eyes that she agrees with me. Forever my sympathies go to her. 100% FART 0%


ART (right): WOW THIS IS SO ADORABLE! The little brown branch looks so realistic with its curves and bends. Its little pink flowers are done perfectly. The bamboo is perfect and adds to the way the point of view is perceived. The mountains are so cute, it was so clever to shade the left side as to make the illusion that the moonlight is illuminating the mountains. I love the moon’s little craters. This is perfect. 100% ART 0% FART




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