Steppin up her field trip game

March 2, 2023

Most of you probably have never had a class with Ms. T. She teaches Yearbook, Newspaper, and the intros to thoughts classes. Ms. T is also the gifted adviser and she takes those kids on field trips. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to go on one. Her busy field trip months are October and February. After your trip, you get to go out to eat. Below you can see some of what the field trips were, how they went, and where we went to eat. You can also find some of the pictures that were taken on some of her field trips this year (Step Afrika!, and What the Constitution means to me).

Step Afrika! was one of the greatest field trips I have ever been on. All of us that went were expecting it just to be a show that we would sit down and watch. But we were totally wrong! It was so powerful and engaging. The way that they moved made us shake with excitement. And at the end, we even got to perform our own step dance. If that opportunity ever came around again, I would go see it. After the show was over we all went to this cute little coffee shop called Sally Anna’s. It was nothing I have ever seen before. You got to seat yourself, go up and order, and get your own drink. When you go up to order you just tell them your table number and they will bring the food to you. The food came out decently fast and it was so good. I would definitely recommend their fries.  A 10/10 restaurant. The whole field trip I would rate it a 12/10 it was really good.

What the Constitution means to me was also a good one. It was realistic and also very engaging with a Q&A at the end. Most of us ask some really good questions. The show also had a high school student from Fox Chapel she and the main character had a debate on whether we should keep our Constitution or should we change it completely. They picked a student from the audience picking which one to keep or trash. She ends up picking keep. I don’t exactly remember why, but I know the audience agreed with her. I don’t think I would see it again. One time was enough for me, but the world remained even though it ran a little late and we almost didn’t have enough time to eat. We all decided to go to Chick-fil-A which was the first time. It was ok, but the chicken was not crunchy which is what I prefer. I would rate this field trip a 9/10 because the show was really long and the food wasn’t the best.

If you ever get asked to go on one of Ms. T’s field trips, I would highly recommend it because they are always fun, new, and exciting. We often as high schoolers don’t get to go on a lot of field trips or even none at all. Also if Step Afrika! Is ever back in town, go see it. That was the best one yet. And if you are worried about missing school don’t be unless it is a test that is the only way I would recommend not going. Even if you never had a class with Ms. T, she is easy to get along with.


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